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Boarding & Training at McNatt Farms
We offer a variety of boarding options for our customers depending on their needs. You can choose from open pasture to stall options. Our 1,000 acres offer beautiful trail riding as well. 
Please call for more information and for current pricing.
Training on the Farm
We approach training our horses using gentle, consistent techniques. We believe that our training is designed to bring out the best in a horse. Especially true with gaited pleasure horses, the right training is critical to ensure the horse knows what the rider wants and is totally at ease with the relationship between horse and rider.
It is also important for a rider to be comfortable giving cues and working with their horse to get the best possible riding experience. Our training is designed for both the horse and the rider.
We can do assessments on any horse at any time. Please call for more information.
Regaining confidence and building trust are just a few of the benefits that come with the pleasure riding experience.

Over the years we’ve trained horses to beautifully fit specialized needs, including helping to design specialized tack as well. Please call for more information.

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