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Enjoy A Relaxing Stay In A

1840 Farmhouse


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Lynchburg, Tennessee


About Us

Today the farm is owned by  Michael Hall, a combat veteran of the U.S. Army, and his wife Vanessa.  As empty-nesters, they decided to open up their home to travelers from around the world so they could start a new adventure together. The farm is home to a number of Spotted Saddle and Tennessee Walking Horses.

Feeling that this farm started as a place of HOPE for an early American veteran, knowing it provided HOPE of safety and healing during the Civil War and is providing HOPE of an exciting new adventure for the Hall family themselves,  they decided to name the farm
The HOPEstead.



In Circa 1790, Aaron Gage, a Revolutionary War veteran was given a land grant to head west and homestead. He made his dreams of a new life with his family come true on this very farm. As he came to the end of his life, Gage sold the property to William Thomison. Thomison had the same dream of building a farm life for his family. He built the current home in 1840 and allowed the ailing Gage and his family to live on the property until Gage's passing. The current home was built for $11,000. It was built three bricks thick and to this day has most of the original floors, doors, and walls. The farm originally spanned 700+ acres but was slowly sold off. Today it now sits on just over 47 acres outside of Lynchburg, Tennessee.
During the Civil War, the home served several functions. It was a headquarters for both the Union and Confederate armies. It was utilized as a hospital to treat injured soldiers and was a place of refuge for soldiers evading capture by the Union Army.
It was a place of hope for those in need.
Throughout the years, the property has served as a lodging facility to travelers, an apple orchard, a tobacco farm, a dairy farm, and a cattle farm.

(Photo: William Thomison, Wife Jane and Son JB)

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