Introducing newest stud


Note from Wendel Mcnatt:

McNatt FARMS PROUDLY PRESENTS SLIMS MAJINGA A REALLY BEAUTIFUL (BLUE) Grey and white Spotted Tennessee Walking Horse Stud To Stand at Stud here, he Produces Really Beautiful Babies With Small Heads And Beautiful Hook Ears , he Also usually puts a lot more dark color on most of his babies covering up all the white witch i really like about him so far, he is also A Great Trail Riding horse and I used to Trail ride on his dad when I was younger as well as Work Cattle on his dad as well, he comes from Great Athletic Bloodlines in the Spotted Walking horse breed, he is Triple Bred Rockabilly Bob one of the Great Foundation Spotted Walking Horse sires of the breed when I was growing up as a kid .

So if you want to breed to A Really Beautiful Spotted Tennessee Walking Horse Stud That's Going To Produce A Beautiful Spotted Baby Every time with A Great Mind Gait and Temperament you could not find A Better Horse in The Whole Tennessee Walking horse Breed , then you need come Get In Line to breed to Slims MAJINGA and get that Beautiful Spotted Tennessee Walking Horse Baby You Have Always Wanted To Have born at your barn, stud fee 500 dollars, at Mcnatt Farms